2. Architecture of Speedgain for Databases

Speedgain for Databases (S4DBs) is a powerful tool for monitoring database resources and applications using these resources.

SpeedgainforDatabases Architecture1
Figure 2. SpeedgainforDatabases-Architecture

The S4DBs core components consist of:

  1. The S4DBs Backend Collector that controls the collection of performance indicators for the monitored databases and system resources.

  2. The Performance Database (PDB) that stores the collected performance and configuration data of the monitored resources.

  3. The S4DBs Web Client

    1. and its associated web server providing the web application resources.

    2. and Grafana for visualization connected to the Performance Database.

  4. The S4DBs Service Component which provides services, e.g., for the web frontend, to access the S4DBs databases and further backend functions.

  5. The S4DBs Configuration and Status Database that stores the configuration of the S4DBs components and status information about the S4DBs collection process itself.