5.4. Share Dashboards and Panels

Dashboards and single panels can be shared very easily to others. You have 4 options to share:

  • Link: Direct Link to currently displayed dashbaord or panel

  • Snapshot: Persistent dashboard or panels sotring the metrics on its own without the need of the datasource

  • Export: store your dashboard as a file without any data

  • Embed: use html code to embed a panel into a website of your choice

grafana share button
Figure 10. Share Options
  1. open the dashboard or panel of your choice

  2. hit the share icon right next to the dashboard name or click on a panel title and share to open share menu

  3. select the according share tag

Snapshots can be accessed by everyone having access to grafana without the need of a login.
Snapshots can be large if selected timeframe is big, think of using an absolut expxiration time instead of never to not blow up your storage.